When buying the best mattress for a nursery, there are many factors to consider. The first, and most pressing consideration, is always safety first. A crib mattress must be firm and must ensure a proper fit within the crib. A soft mattress is not optimal because studies have linked soft mattresses to increased suffocation risks and an increase in SIDS. Considering that newborns sleep 18-20 hours per day, finding the best mattress in terms of both quality and safety is paramount. One can choose from a variety of mattresses, either innerspring or foam, as well as organic options such as bamboo.


An innerspring crib mattress uses coils, or springs, in order to give the mattress a firm feel. These types of mattresses are more popular due to the fact that most adult beds use the spring technology as well. They provide a greater heft than a foam mattress; however, with a weight of 15 pounds and up. This can be a consideration when changing sheets or even lifting or moving the mattress from one area to another. Also, as the child progresses in age, the innerspring mattress can also pose some risk due to the fact that the mattress can be jumped on and will allow for bounce, which can lead to possible injuries if not under adult supervision.


Foam mattresses for the nursery are rapidly becoming more popular and readily available. This is due to the fact that the foam is lighter in weight and can also provide an equally secure fit within the crib. Generally, the foam mattresses weigh within a range of 5-10 pounds. Foam mattresses are generally made from polyurethane and like the innerspring mattresses, have some type of cover. The foam mattresses tend to cost less than their innerspring counterparts, which also entices buyers to move toward selecting foam as an option.



bamboo mattress for nursery

Also, regarding quality for both types of mattress options, the more layers, the better the make of the mattress. With innerspring mattresses, the more layers and the thickness, or gauge, of coiling, the more durable the mattress will be. With the foam mattresses the density of the foam allows for a better quality mattress and a better sleeping experience as well. Be sure to test the density of the mattress by feeling the level of support when the mattress is met with pressure. This process can gauge the overall density, and thus, quality of the mattress.


When choosing the material to be used within the mattress, one can also decide to opt for organic products, such as organic cotton or even bamboo. These types of fillings can be seen in both innerspring and foam mattresses, with more consumers flocking to more organic materials that emit less chemicals, such as PVC and plastics. More plant-based filling can be found in foam crib mattresses, using corn and even a mixture of organic plants with bamboo becoming readily available. These organic blends or bamboo fillings provide a safer alternative to the former chemical-laden mattresses of the past. With the baby breathing in the mattress fillings for hours at a time, many find that the organic blends or bamboo mattresses offer a safer alternative.


A consumer should always know what the layers of a mattress pad are made of and it should be visually apparent within the labeling. Most materials will be listed on the mattress itself. There should be a big difference in the price point of a mattress filled with plastics, than a mattress filled with organic materials or cotton. The cushioning material is commonly polyester or another synthetic blend, so being able to ascertain the materials in order to make an informed purchase aid when considering the value of the product. 


With all of the options available for buying the best mattress for a nursery, parents and caregivers are able to choose a mattress that makes the best sense for their baby, based on their needs. Whether innerspring or foam, organic or bamboo, the price points vary based on the density and material to be used as mattress filling. The choices are vast and are more accommodating than ever, and it truly is a product that offers many selections. It is now easier than ever to find the perfect mattress for the nursery of your dreams.