If you suffer from back pain and your current mattress is only making it worse, it may be time to switch to a brand new bamboo mattress. Organic bamboo mattresses are a far more comfortable and healthier option for your body than a traditional mattress. 

Why Some Mattresses Make Back Pain Worse

As mattresses age they can lose their support making those already suffering from back problems worse. In some cases individuals begin to have back problems when they had previously never experienced them before.


Pain can ultimately be experienced anywhere along the spine but as with most individuals, back pain is most commonly felt in either the neck and shoulder area or in the lower portion of the spine. The most common offenders of back pain are soggy mattresses and mattresses that are too firm. 


Soggy or slumping mattresses are mattresses that have lost all or a portion of their support. When it begins to sink as weight is pressed into it, the sleeper's spine is no longer correctly aligned. This in turn aggravates not only the joints of the spine but also worsens issues such as lumbar arthritis.


In the event that a mattress is too firm, it can enhance back pain because the firmness is too much pressure on the body itself. This is especially true if there are any gaps between the sleeper's body and the mattress itself. Overtime the broken sleep affects the sleeper's overall health in a negative way. 


The Best Mattress for Back Pain

A bamboo mattress is an excellent choice for alleviating back pain because it's made with memory foam. The mattress offers more temperate sleep with proper alignment to the spine. Bamboo mattresses are also both dust-mite resistant and bacteria-resistant. Organic bamboo also wicks away moisture from the body. 


The best thing about bamboo mattresses is how they are designed. Mixed with various different gels and foam so the body stays cool, dry, and comfortable every night. The memory foam follows the contours of the body while the heat reacts with foam to form an impression in the mattress for maximum relaxation. Buying guide to the best mattress for your child


With traditional memory foam, body heat becomes trapped within the foam and causes the body to become too warm. Plus memory foam doesn't absorb moisture like bamboo. More importantly, every single time a position is changed in bed, the memory foam has to reheat in order to change the impression in the foam. 

What Goes into a Bamboo Mattress?

Choosing the right organic mattress for back pain is not difficult. An organic bamboo mattresses offers many positive features, mainly the alleviation of back pain. In some individuals the back pain may be too severe to completely disappear but it will lessen dramatically. 


The reason behind this is how a bamboo mattress is designed. There is actually very little bamboo sewn into bamboo mattresses. It is mostly memory foam but blended with bamboo fibers in a chemical process. The fibers from the bamboo plant are heated and the foam ingredients are added while it's still a liquid. 


In some cases, mattresses are considered bamboo simply because they have a bamboo fabric over them. The bamboo fabric is a mix of polyester and bamboo. Sometimes cotton is used in place of polyester. In either case the bamboo fabric must be constructed through a chemical process in order to become a fabric. 


The raw bamboo used in the chemical process is all natural and "eco-friendly", however the chemicals used are not and are extremely hazardous to the sleeper's health. The large majority of dangerous particles enters the air and bind themselves to common dust in the home, leaving everyone to breathe in the toxins. 


The Real Truth About Bamboo

While manufacturers don't have to disclose what they put into their mattresses, beware of organic bamboo mattresses that claim to be made out of bamboo rayon. The material, bamboo rayon, is made from highly toxic chemicals like flame retardants. However organic bamboo that has been certified is completely safe. 


Not all companies carry these certifications. Be sure to ask plenty of questions! When choosing the right organic mattress for back pain researching the health benefits and comfort of the materials used is crucial to finding the right bamboo mattress for you. 


Bamboo is naturally breathable. The thin fibers and threads allow more air to pass through the mattress keeping you dry and comfortable every night. Nothing important point to note is that bamboo does not require harsh pesticides and other chemicals to grow as cotton does. 


A bamboo mattress is actually recommended for patients suffering from asthma and other breathing problems (such as snoring). Plus all bamboo products are hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial.  


Organic bamboo mattresses are an excellent choice for anyone searching for a healthier night's sleep. Just be sure to ask questions about what materials went into the making of the mattress to avoid accidentally purchasing bamboo rayon fabric which has been linked to many health problems from the harsh chemicals used to create it.